woensdag 6 januari 2016

Happy 2016 and digital new years resolutions.

Happy 2016.

I also have som new years resolutions. One of them is to pick up running an swimming again, to lose some of my excess weight. To log all my activities I use a Polar V800 with a H7. I've done so since oktober 2014 already, so I've got some nice statistics to play with.

And yesterday I've also ordered a Polar Balance scale. This scale can send my weight via bluetooth to my V800 watch. After that all of your data will be synchronised to an app on my phone and from there on to the internet. DCRainmaker has a nice review on this scale.

I do not have any statistiscs on my weight yet, as the scale is still in de mail, but here is a sample graph from my swim last night. It does seem that my heart rate and swim tempo ar a bit out of sync. I will inform polar on this, hope they can fix it.

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